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 This is a question many of us have asked ourselves from time to time.

This is a question I asked myself for years as well until I found my answer 7 years ago.

Because ultimately, who wouldn’t want to do what we love and get paid for our worth, so we can keep doing what we love?

I am a practical person so I don’t feel we should do what we love while struggle financially.

Passion can die if we don’t get to make a living out of it. Unless you have lots of safety net and don’t ever need to make another cent for the rest of life, the financial reward needs to be good enough to keep us going.

And generally speaking, more financially comfortable we are, it is likely we are able to contribute more and serve more people who would benefit from our passion, our talent and our gift.

I also feel it would be a pity if we don’t ever use our passion and our gifts fully to serve the world. Most of us are here to do more than just cruise along.

I think we owe it to ourselves and to the world around us, to do something truly remarkable with our lives.

To turn our passion into a great living, we need to align it with two other crucial elements.

Passion is just a hobby if it has no value for others.

In fact, I would say it is indulging if all we want to pursue is to make ourselves happy. That obsession is quite exhausting too. Anyone who has cared for a child, an animal, or someone knows what a relief it is for once we don’t only need to think about our own happiness.

If you can’t figure out a way to use your passion to better other people’s life, then park that passion and find another one that might have more meaning and value to it. 

The other element people overlook is our natural strengths.

To make a great living, you have got to do what you do best, meaning you need to align your passion with your natural strengths, your genius.

Every one of us has our own genius zone. There are areas we are just so naturally talented at and enjoy doing at the same time, there are things we do better than anybody else and we perhaps don’t even know why and how we can take full advantage of it. We enjoy doing it so much that we can do it all day long and still feel pretty energised by end of the day.

I personally have many passion and interests in my life, but there are only a few passion I have that provide great value to others and are aligned with my Genius Zone.

In past 7 years, I used this principle and dramatically changed my life from a self-obsessed person to somebody who was able to use my passion and gifts more wisely for the benefits of others.

I was able to turn my passion into well-paid corporate leadership roles that were aligned with my strengths and profitable business ventures where I helped others create more meaningful and thriving life and career.

Most importantly, I love what I do and feel purposeful every day.

So yes it is absolutely possible to do what we love and make a great living out of it, but we must choose the passion that has huge value for others and is aligned with our strengths, our genius.

I call it Inner Genius.

And we must have the willingness and a plan to make it happen.

I would love to hear your thoughts.

Yu Dan