Yu Dan's Journey, her own Inner Genius Discovery, and Credentials

Master of Coaching Psychology | Executive Career Coach | Strength Thought Leader              

Master of Coaching Psychology | Executive Career Coach | Strength Thought Leader              

Hi, I am Yu Dan Shi.

Having completed university at age 17, and becoming a CMO at age 30, I know what success looks like in the traditional sense. Having held executive positions while raising a family, I understand the daily demands life throw at us. My elder daughter is now at university. 

However, in 2008, I went through a very dark period of my life where I lost my passion and motivation for my career that ended up impacting my health, which almost cost my life.

I did not want to continue my marketing executive career but had no other skills to fall back on that would provide me the same level of income. I was stuck.

To climb back from rock bottom meant I had to do something completely differently. 

I was determined to find an answer without turning my life upside down or creating any disruption to my family.

I knew that my feeling of unhappiness was caused by a deep disconnection - the me showing up every day was only the glimpse of the real Yu Dan, and for some weird reason, I was afraid of letting the real me shine, scared that everything I had accumulated up to that point (family, career, money) would disappear, as if the real me is some useless creature. 

Inner Genius

But deep down, I knew I had something in me and I was here to do more than just cruise along.

I knew it is completely possible for me to create a career that is meaningful, aligned with my talent and financially rewarding. And I wanted to be able to do this quickly. I knew there was a way. 

I began my quest to search for an answer.

After a period of soul searching, I finally came across an approach that ultimately changed my life, my career, and everything - The Strength Approach - with the notion that we can only sustain our success, happiness and performance, if we live and work in accordance with our authentic strengths. The approach was so simple and effective, I benefited from it from Day 1.

I found my zest back. The renewed energy and passion helped me thrive in every area of my life and career. 

I found dream jobs that were aligned with my authentic strengths without sacrificing my financial income. I also built a profitable property portfolio and a coaching business.

Because when we truly live and work from what is best inside us, we naturally have the capacity and capability to grow any career and business, most importantly, I love what I do and feel purposeful every day. 

After many years of research and successful application, I expanded the strengths approach and created the Inner Genius methodology. 

My purpose and greatest joy today is helping others discover their strengths, their Inner Genius and bring their best selves to the world. 

Life is too precious to waste not knowing and using your Strengths and Inner Genius, every day.

I would love to be part of your discovery journey. 

Do you want to discover your Strengths, Inner Genius and Start to create the career you truly want?



  • Master of Coaching Psychology – University of Sydney
  • Doctoral Program recipient – University of Wollongong
  • Realise2 Strength Practitioner – Centre of Applied Positive Psychology
  • Leadership & Career Coach – Right Management
  • Fortune 100 Senior Executive – Adobe, Dell, Lenovo, Cisco - Strategy Director, Chief Marketing Officer, Business Unit Lead
  • Profitable Entrepreneur
  • Most importantly, it is my personal journey, passion, and natural ability to help others discover their Inner Genius that counts
My Vision: help to contribute and create a world where people live in accordance with their greatest strengths, their Inner Genius … I imagine and dream a world where every child knows their Inner Genius and grows into confident and happy adults.