"Life Changing - Roslyn Richardson, Entrepreneur & Communications Director"

Are you a thought leader or entrepreneur who wants to build a purpose-driven business 


"I have attended a number of courses, seminars & workshops over the years. Yu Dan’s “Inner Genius” is one of the best. Using extensive research alongside her own vulnerability, she takes participants on a journey of self-awareness and discovery beautifully and empathetically.

The course has given the direction, purpose and renewed energy I needed for my business and myself. I am back in flow with absolute clarity. Her course is well worth the time and I’d recommend it to anyone.

Put a day aside for yourself, pay the money – you’ll get it back in spades. It's one of the best things I have done in my life

- Charlie Pidcock, Entrepreneur & Thought Leader


Small Group - Limited Places - Book Early

"Discover your Inner Genius is the best program I have experienced in my career. The discovery is enlightening and actionable. You leave the program motivated with a powerful method to leverage in work, life and almost any situation. The roadmap has provided me with a plan to take forward. If you want to discover your Inner Genius, purpose and start to work towards the career and life you truly want - certainly take the workshop! - Adam, Strategy Director"

Discover Your Inner Genius Program


  • What sets most successful and fulfilled people apart is their self-awareness and their ability to make the most out of their strengths, their genius

Program Structure

  • Step 1: Discovery
    • Pre-workshop assessment  
    • Pre-workshop survey
  • Step 2: Workshop
    • 1 Day Workshop
    • Small group - Personalised approach
  • Step 3: Action
    • 1:1 Coaching session x 1
  • Step 4: Ongoing support & inspiration
    • It's a Journey! You will become part of an inspiring, exclusive and supportive community


  • Discover, develop, and maximise your Strengths & Inner Genius, so you can truly live up to your potential
  • Create your career goals, purpose & life vision with an actionable plan to get you there faster & more effortlessly
  • A new way of living and working with more joy, meaning, zest, clarity and confidence


  • Know your unique talents, strengths, and Inner Genius
  • Align them with your passion and interests
  • Create your career path, goals, life purpose & vision
  • Discover how you truly perform when you are at your best
  • Learn how to develop your unique talents into mastery
  • Learn powerful techniques to re-shape how you work today so you can be happier & energised instantly
  • Acquire powerful techniques to overcome what holds you back in your career and life
  • A personalised action plan and roadmap to achieve your career goals and life vision

    You will experience Joy, Clarity, and Confidence like never before

    Meaningful work & life that makes the most of your potential and is financially rewarding
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    • Executive Coach
    • Master of Coaching Psychology 
    • Doctoral Program Recipient
    • Strength Psychology Expert
    • Fortune 100 Senior Executive
    • Entrepreneur & Mum


    "Amazingly great! I can't overstate how powerful it is. I found my career path - Brendan, Head Analyst"

    "Yu Dan has a wealth of knowledge and is a truly motivating and inspirational thought leader - Alison, Principal Consultant"

    "I knew Yu Dan is the best person to guide me on this journey. Yu Dan makes you feel comfortable while pushing you to be your best - Ben, Director of Sales & Alliance"

    "Having worked for over 30 years I've spent my fair share of time in training courses. With the title of "Discover your Inner Genius" I was attending with high expectations and I can safely say that those expectations were met and exceeded. It's best training I attended in a decade. Yu Dan's mastery of bringing out direction and clarity from the attendees was superb - Robert, Sales Leader"

    Small Group - Limited Places - Book Early

    If you don't find it valuable, I will give you 100% money back

    If you don't find it valuable, I will give you 100% money back

    $980 Tax Deductible

    The program fee covers 5 components:

    • Pre-Workshop Discovery
    • Pre-Workshop Assessment
    • 1-Day Workshop
    • 1 x 1:1 Executive Coaching Session - Valued at $500
    • And how cool is this - Exclusive Access to Inner Genius Group for ongoing inspiration and connection

    Dates: Sunday, Aug 13 or Sept 17 (9am - 5pm)

    Venue: Sydney - Crows Nest Centre


    Contact Yu Dan at 0400982276 or yudan@yudanshi.com or complete form below if you have any questions

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