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Feeling drained, tired, and bored is the no. 1 happiness and energy killer at work. I would like to share some quick tips which you can use straightaway.

First have a feel how you spend your time according to following two categories.

  • Draining Category – tasks that drain you
  • Energising Category – tasks that energise you

What’s your percentage for each category right now?

If you score 75%+ in Draining Category – You are in Danger Zone

What does this mean: You are likely spending majority of your time either in areas that are your weaknesses, or areas you appear to be good at but you are not really interested in, we call them Learned Behaviour. These are not your natural strengths and should be used in moderation or minimised.

What do you need to do: Modify how you work, otherwise you will burn out, or you are likely already burning out. Observe the tasks that give you more energy, and start to do more of them, especially make sure that you start and finish your day with the more energising tasks.

If you score 50%-75% in Draining Category – You are Drained

What does this mean: You are spending some time in your natural strengths zone, but you are still spending most of your time in the weakness and Learned Behaviour zones.

What do you need to do: Find ways to modify your current role so you get to use your natural strengths more often, also try to schedule an energising task in front of a draining task, or reward yourself with an energising task straight after a draining activity.

If you score 25%-50% in Draining Category – You are somewhat Energised

What does this mean: Well done, you are spending at least half the time in your natural strengths zone. However, you need to prevent these weaknesses and learned Behaviour from eating away your energy.

What do you need to do: Find creative ways to do more of the tasks that are energising, in fact, do more of them outside work to develop these natural strengths into mastery. The joy you get to exercise your natural strengths will give you the instant boost to your happiness and energy level.

If you score 0%-25% in Draining Category – You are Energised

What does this mean: Congratulations! You are somebody who is living in your natural strengths zone most of time. However, don’t get carried away, there are opportunities for you to thrive at work even further.

Opportunities for you: We have many hidden strengths, so opportunities for you bunch is to discover these hidden strengths and start using them more often. More strengths you can uncover and use, more energised and happier you will feel both at work and in life.

Good luck, and let me know how you go 🙂

Yu Dan