Online Workshop - How to make the most of your talents and feel fulfilled (60 minutes - Enjoy, you will love this :-)

In the 60-minute workshop, you will learn:

  • How to uncover your greatest talents
  • How to leverage them to create a career that is successful and fulfilling

You will walk away with a clear strategy & process that guides you to work towards your ideal career that matches your talents. 


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Inspiring Results people get out of working with Yu Dan

Charlie Pidcock - Entrepreneur & Sales Trainer

I have attended a number of programs over the years. Yu Dan’s “Discover Your inner Genius” is one of the best. Yu Dan takes you on a journey of self-awareness and discovery beautifully and empathetically.

My career and life were like a jugsaw puzzle, I had all the pieces, but just don't know how to put them together. Yu Dan helped me put the puzzle together. It has given the direction, clarity, purpose and renewed energy I needed for my business and myself. I am back in the flow with absolute clarity.

Put some time aside for yourself – you’ll get it back in spades. It's one of the best things I have done in my life.

Kacie Serls - Head of Sydney & Brisbane - Reprise

"Discover Your Inner Genius" is the best personal development program I've ever attended!

I entered the program feeling disengaged and disenchanted with my job and it was impacting the rest of my life in a negative way.  I left the program feeling more energised about my current role and have outlined ways to ustilise my natural strengths and abilities in my day to day not only at work but also in my personal life. 

Yu Dan was able to help me dig deep. The output of the session being a personal vision, purpose and roadmap that has inspired me to do things in my daily life differently and explore opportunities that I never thought were possible.

For anyone needing a new lease on life this course is for you.

Ben Mooney - Director of Sales & Partner Alliances, Publicis Sapient

I knew Yu Dan was the best person to work with me on this journey. Coaching is a tough gig but comes so naturally for her making you feel comfortable while also pushing you to be your best. Each session moves me closer to my goals and it is great to know Yu Dan is there to help guide the way.

It has been life changing! 

Adam Goodman, Strategy Director, Accordant

"Discover your Inner Genius" is the best program I have experienced in my career. The program helped me identify & clarify not only my strengths but also my fears. The discovery is fun, but more importantly enlightening and actionable. You leave the sessions motivated with a method to leverage your key strengths in overcoming your fears in work, in life and in almost any situation. The career roadmap has provided me with a plan to take forward and one of the best quotes I'll utilise is "Make Friends with your fear. Fear may come along for the ride, but it's going to take a back seat".

If you want to discover your Inner Genius, your vision and your purpose, and start to work towards the career you truly want  - certainly take the program!"

Anneka Hunston – Head of Solution Consulting, Asia Pacific, Adobe

The “Discover Your Inner Genius” workshop is life changing and like no other as you will identify your strengths and inner genius to help you be the best you can be and use them to overcome fear. The workshop is delivered with the perfect balance of inspiration and practicality. Yu Dan is passionate, knowledgeable and intuitive who knows how to guide each of us to discover our inner genius.

Huw Griffiths - Director of Client Services, Accordant

"Discover Your Inner Genius" has truly helped me see my strengths, Inner Genius and potential in a different way. A way that I am extremely excited about, and that I know is going to have a powerful effect on my life and my career. Yu Dan has developed this workshop in a way that things which are traditionally complex, e.g. thinking about your own strengths and potential - becomes simple and clear.

I would highly recommend this program.

Dr. Michael Popplewell - Entrepreneur & Founder, True Results

Amazing! I recommend this to anyone who wants to live abundantly, pursue their dreams, and live authentically at the same time. 

Murray Howe - Industry Strategy Director, Adobe

Are you still wondering what to be when you grow up? Whether your career really makes you happy or make the most of what you have to offer? I was, that is until I spent time with Yu Dan.

You see she had a similar affliction, till she discovered her path and established her "Discover Your Inner Genius" program to share it with others. Yu Dan is practical, passionate and an ex-corporate exec. Working with her has completely changed my thinking. 

Dr. Brendan Coutts – Head Analyst, Ricoh & Founder of Inner Lantern

This workshop is amazingly, superbly great! I can’t overstate how powerful it is. To say that it showed me how to create the career and life that is my purpose for being here on this planet is a huge statement – but that’s what Yu Dan delivers. 

It has given me a deep understanding of what I am here to do, how I will make it happen, and how to overcome anything that could prevent me from living my fullest and most meaningful life. How incredibly cool is that? And this was not just my experience. Part of the beauty of the workshop was seeing other people experience the joy of getting the same clarity about their career and life path. You owe it to yourself to stop doing whatever you are doing, and do this workshop. 

Mark Krywienko – Client Services Manager, Ecosave

I have never been happier. The impact during and after the workshop has been very profound. The exercise that we used to overcome our fear was the most powerful technique I have ever come across. I now have more confidence, personal strength and self-awareness. I work in Sales and Marketing, and have a passionate interest in Music.

What I took away has had immediate benefit to me in both areas. The program is inspiring and real and is led by Yu Dan whose life long learning and experiences has enabled her to create this powerful program.

Jurgen Schmechel - Entrepreneur & Founder, How to make it last

Yu Dan's "Discover Your Inner Genius" program is stimulating and exciting. Even if you knew some of your strengths, her unique approach allows you to dig deep and really get in tune with your individual strengths. That clarity then leads effortlessly to discovering your Inner Genius. I highly recommend Yu Dan's workshop to anyone, who wants more clarity and confidence in their lives.

For me this clarity was a great revelation and I am using the vision and the purpose every day. Thank you so much Yu Dan.

Ingrid Messner - Entrepreneur & Founder, Authentic Values

I have done a lot of strength development work. This is different.

Yu Dan combined several evidence-based concepts, expanded on them and created a very practical program that helped us first define our strengths and then how to use them to achieve our vision on a daily basis. We left with a clear action plan that we already started to implement. The workshop is very energising, lots of fun and has great insights. By knowing my strengths and Inner Genius, making life and business decisions has become so much easier. Thank you!

Robert Lindley – Sales & Marketing Leader, InQuik

Having worked in corporate for over 30 years I've spent my fair share of time in training courses. With the title of "Discover your Inner Genius" I was attending with high expectations and I can safely say that those expectations were met and exceeded. Everything from the venue, content and Yu Dan's mastery of bringing out direction and clarity from the attendees was superb.

I'd highly recommend this course to individuals or companies looking to make the most of their most valuable asset - yourself or the employees within your organization. 

Lois Liu - Financial & Business Controller

The "Discover Your Inner Genius" program is mentally stimulating, practical, and actionable. Yu Dan has a unique approach to how we discover, apply and make the most of our strengths and Inner Genius. It has opened new perspectives for my thinking. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to unlock their full potential to lead a meaningful and happy life.

Roslyn Richardson, Entrepreneur & Communications Director, Crescendo

Yu Dan, I can't believe I have really been able to discover my gifts, Inner Genius, purpose, vision, let go my long-held self-limiting beliefs, and create a roadmap for my career & life to take forward all in such a short period of time.

I didn't think it was possible! I have never been happier.