Inner Genius approach is built on the foundation of Strength approach, so the order of this page is Strength first, then Inner Genius

Research of over 300,000 people shows: "What sets most successful people apart ... is their self-awareness and their ability to make the most of their authentic strengths."

- Jay Niblick

Most of us don't know what our real strengths are

What is Strength

Our strengths are the things we are naturally good at and that energise us, they could be our natural talents or behavioural and psychological capabilities that make us unique and stand out. We feel authentic, happy, talented, and confident when use our strengths. However, most of us don't use them often enough either because we can't spot them, or don't know how to maximise them to their fullest potential. 

Why Strength Approach

Our learning and performance accelerate when we work from our strengths. We accomplish things fast, effortlessly and with joy. We operate with absolute confidence and clarity. Work no longer feels work when we are in strengths zone.

The most successful people have been using this approach for centuries, however, most of us don't know how to apply them effectively due to lack of understanding or training. 

Discover Our Strengths

Most of us are blind to our own strengths as they come to us naturally so we can't tell. The inability to recognise our strengths makes us think we don't have enough talent. The common focus on fixing our weaknesses also distracts us from realising our strengths. Performance is always better if we use our strengths. 

Maximise Our Strengths

Some of us know our strengths, but don't know how to use them effectively to achieve our goals at work and in life. Knowing is not enough. We also confuse strengths with skills. Acquiring skills in the areas we don't excel naturally should be minimised.

Everybody can learn how to use the strength approach. I teach people a range of techniques on how to identify, develop, market, and maximise their authentic strengths.

Inner Genius Methodology

© Copyright 2017 Yu Dan Shi

© Copyright 2017 Yu Dan Shi

Master of Coaching Psychology, Realise2 Strength Practitioner

Master of Coaching Psychology, Realise2 Strength Practitioner

  • Inner Genius is our unique gift. Everyone has one. Like strengths, you can use it at work and in life every day!
  • "Inner Genius" is a unique methodology created by Yu Dan which leads the discovery process from Strengths to Inner Genius to Purpose
  • A range of powerful techniques have been created for daily application at work and in life to overcome any mental barriers, and maximise the strengths and Inner Genius into full potential 
  • "Inner Genius" links with higher purpose and value which leads to happiness, meaning, and a prosperous career or business

It's practicable, actionable, and creates change straightaway

Do you want to discover your Strengths, your Inner Genius?

We can only sustain our success, happiness and effortless performance, if we work from our Strength & Inner Genius