"Life changing! I have never been happier.” - Roslyn

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You don’t have to sacrifice happiness to achieve success. Nor you need to let go success to pursue happiness.

Why are you here?

  • Do you feel trapped in your work and life?

  • Do you feel empty and unfulfilled?

  • Do you see happiness as something you will achieve “one day”?

  • Are you contemplating to let go of your success to pursue happiness?

Are you hoping a new solution would make you happier?

  • a new career

  • a new business

  • a new city or country

  • letting go everything materialistic

Our situation often is the result of our long-term behaviour and habits

You do not need to make drastic changes

  • You do not need to turn your life upside down

  • You do not need to let go everything you have achieved

  • You can be happy now

  • You can continue your success

  • You can have fulfilment at the same time

It’s about refining how you work and live - 6 Steps to Live an Inspired Life

  1. Know what truly drives you

  2. Let go the anchors that have held you back

  3. Resolve the unique conflict faced by high achievers

  4. Understand the habits brought you success but derailed your happiness

  5. Master 4 Transformative Practices to bring meaning & joy to your daily work and life

  6. Craft the ability to live well today and every day

Who is this Program for?

  • Professionals, executives, and entrepreneurs

Workshop Dates

  • May 18 - 19, 2019

  • Urban Hotel, St Leonards, Sydney

I am confident in my ability and therefore offer 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with my workshop

I am confident in my ability and therefore offer 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with my workshop

Group Program with an Individual Approach

  • Pre-Workshop Assessment

  • 2-Day Workshop

  • 1 x Post-Workshop Coaching Session

Fee is Tax Deductible

Next Step

  • Book a 45-Minute FREE Strategy Session to assess your needs and suitability for the program


What do others say about working with Yu Dan?

Sema Musson, Organisation Transformation Leader, Allianz

When I met Yu Dan I was unsettled in my role and feeling like I was on a daily treadmill. I was feeling tired and unsure of the changes I needed to make to improve things. I feel privileged to have met Yu Dan. She has been an inspiration to work with. Yu Dan has helped me to be aware of my strengths, to rethink work and life to bring joy to what I do and how I live. This has been achieved by starting with small daily changes.

I am now clearer on my career and how this fits with who I am.

I have been able to redesign the life I want to live and now feel lighter, clearer and happier. Thank you Yu Dan.

Jen Brown, Senior Director, CBRE

The minute we met we connected immediately and I knew I had made the right choice. Yu Dan has incredible intuition, and this coupled with her amazing insights, experience and advice truly has resulted in this experience being life changing for me.

Yu Dan is inspirational. She has taught me so much in a short period of time and I now carry these learnings with me and use them every day, in every aspect of my life. I feel lighter and happier as a person and definitely more in control of my busy life. I have got so much out of my sessions with Yu Dan, I really can’t speak more highly of her and what she has to offer those that are lucky enough to meet her.