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Yu Dan Shi. Executive Coach. Business Mentor. Fortune 100 Exec. Strength Psychology Expert. Mother.

Yu Dan Shi. Executive Coach. Business Mentor. Fortune 100 Exec. Strength Psychology Expert. Mother.

Welcome! I'm Yu Dan

I'm known for helping people find clarity in their work and life so they can focus on what truly matters and succeed with meaning and joy.

In 2008, I was a senior executive with a young family. Seemingly, I had it all. However, I felt tired, unhappy and wanted to quit. At the end, I didn't quit. Instead, I began a search for an answer.

I did extensive research over the years. I discovered what I felt was normal and it can be changed.

My learning has given many other professionals, leaders and entrepreneurs renewed direction, energy, and taken them to a whole new level of joy, success, and fulfilment.

I love what I do and get to spend time on the things that truly matter in life.

My greatest joy today is enabling others to do the same. 

"Best program I have ever attended - Kacie"

Inner Genius - Career Coaching

  • Find clarity and direction in your career

  • Discover your unique Strengths & Inner Genius™

  • Roadmap to achieve your vision

  • Succeed with meaning

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Breakthrough - Performance Coaching

  • Master science of change & peak performance

  • Breakdown your mental barrier

  • Turn aspiring goals into reality

  • Achieve exceptional results in life

Inspiring Results people get out of working with Yu Dan

Rachel Primrose - Leadership Coach, Sage Consulting

Yu Dan, you have helped me to change my life.

Yu Dan has the relentless determination to take the next steps to achieve my personal and business goals. Now through our partnership, I feel stronger, re-focused, happier, and I feel like am thriving again achieving greater results than I could have ever imagined.

Charlie Pidcock - Sales Coach

My career and life were like a jigsaw puzzle, I had all the pieces, but just don't know how to put them together. Yu Dan helped me put the puzzle together. It has given the direction, clarity, purpose and renewed energy I needed for my business and myself. I am back in the flow with absolute clarity.

Put some time aside for yourself – you’ll get it back in spades. It's one of the best things I have done in my life.

Kacie Serls - Head of Sydney & Brisbane - Reprise

Best personal development program I've ever attended! I entered the program feeling disengaged and disenchanted with my job and it was impacting the rest of my life in a negative way.  I left the program feeling energised. Yu Dan was able to help me dig deep. The output of the session being a personal vision, purpose and roadmap that has inspired me to do things in my daily life differently and explore opportunities that I never thought were possible.

For anyone needing a new lease on life this course is for you.

Ben Mooney - Director of Sales & Partner Alliances, Publicis Sapient

I knew Yu Dan was the best person to work with me on this journey. Coaching is a tough gig but comes so naturally for her making you feel comfortable while also pushing you to be your best. Each session moves me closer to my goals and it is great to know Yu Dan is there to help guide the way.

I am now in a job I am very excited about. I have also set up a social enterprise on the side which is completely aligned with my Inner Genius and passion.

It has been life changing!  

Roslyn Richardson, Entrepreneur & Communications Director, Crescendo

Yu Dan, I can't believe I have really been able to discover my gifts, Inner Genius, purpose, vision, let go my long-held self-limiting beliefs, and create a roadmap for my career & life to take forward all in such a short period of time.

I didn't think it was possible! I have never been happier.

Employees of these companies and many others have joined the public workshop or worked with me through coaching


Inspiring, Fun, Practical, Actionable, Proven

Life changing! - Anneka, Head of Solution Consulting, Adobe

Best personal development program I've ever attended! Yu Dan has truly helped me dig deep - Kacie, Head of Sydney & Brisbane, Reprise

Amazingly great! I can't overstate how powerful it is. I found my career and life path - Brendan, Head Analyst, Ricoh & Founder of Inner Lantern

Are you still wondering whether your career really makes you happy or make the most of what you have to offer? I was, that is until I attended Yu Dan's workshop - Murray, Industry Strategy Director

I have never been happier. The technique around overcoming fear is the most powerful I have ever experienced - Mark, Client Services Manager, Ecosave

Discover your Inner Genius is the best program I have had in my career - Adam, Strategy Director, Accordant

It has given the direction, clarity, purpose and renewed energy I needed for my business and myself. I am back in the flow with absolute clarity - Charlie, Entrepreneur & Thought Leader