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Are you a talented professional, executive or entrepreneur?

Do you want more out of your career & life as you have so much more to give? 

Welcome to Discover Your Inner Genius Program

(Sydney Only)


Welcome to Discover Your Inner Genius Program

Discover what you UNIQUELY do best and how you can make the most of it, so you can truly realise your potential and be the best you can be

Inspiring, Fun, Practical, Actionable, Proven

Life changing! - Anneka

Best personal development program I've ever attended! - Kacie

The program has truly helped me see my strengths, Inner Genius & potential - Huw

If you want to discover your Inner Genius & Purpose, take the workshop - Adam

Amazingly great! I can't overstate how powerful it is. I found my career and life path - Brendan

I have never been happier. The exercise that we used to overcome our fear was the most powerful technique I have ever come across - Mark

For anyone who wants to unlock their potential - Lois

Are you still wondering what to be when you grow up? Whether your career really makes you happy or make the most of what you have to offer? I was that is until I attended Yu Dan's workshop - Murray

Amazing! For anyone who wants to live abundantly & pursue their dreams - Michael

Meet Yu Dan

Yu Dan Shi. Career Transformation Coach. Researcher. Ex-Corporate Executive. Mother.

Yu Dan Shi. Career Transformation Coach. Researcher. Ex-Corporate Executive. Mother.

  • Fortune 100 Senior Executive
  • Master of Coaching Psychology 
  • Doctoral Program Recipient
  • Strength Thought Leader
  • Peak Performance & Career Transformation Coach
  • Most importantly, it is my passion, care and natural ability to help others achieve the best outcome that counts

I began my journey in 2008 after I went through a period of my life where I felt lost despite having a successful career. It ended up impacting my health, which almost cost my life. I was working as a Chief Marketing Officer for a Fortune 100 company. 

To climb back from rock bottom meant I had to do something completely differently. 

I was determined to find an answer without turning my life upside down.

After a period of searching, I finally came across an approach that ultimately changed my life, my career, and everything - The Strength Approach - with the notion that we can only sustain our success, happiness and performance, if we live and work in accordance with our authentic strengths. The approach was so powerful, I benefited from Day 1.

After many years of research and successful application, I expanded the strengths approach and created the Inner Genius methodology. My purpose and greatest joy today is helping others discover their Authentic Strengths & Inner Genius to create a career & life that is meaningful, makes the most of their potential, and financially rewarding.

Prior to running my own business, I held many executive positions while raising a family. I understand the complexity of human behaviour and the challenges life throw at us fairly well. That's why I have created this program with helping people achieve their best possible career & life WITHOUT giving up their lifestyle in my mind.

I care deeply about each of my clients and am passionate about their achievement. I do my best to create a safe and motivating environment to ensure the best and right outcome for each individual.

Discover Your Inner Genius Program


Research shows: What sets most successful and fulfilled people apart is their self-awareness and their ability to make the most out of their strengths, their genius

Do you know what your unique gift, talents, and strengths are?

Do you know how you truly perform when you are at your best?

Do you want a career that is meaningful, makes the most of your potential, and financially rewarding?

Do you want to reach your goals faster & more effortlessly?

Do you know what is holding you back and how to overcome it?

Are you at a crossroads with your career but ready to find your direction?

Create the career & life you want WITHOUT Giving up your lifestyle

You will experience Joy, Clarity, and Confidence like never before

Sample clients: Employees of these companies have worked with me to transform their career. I also specialise in working with aspiring entrepreneurs. 

Sample clients: Employees of these companies have worked with me to transform their career. I also specialise in working with aspiring entrepreneurs. 

How we work together

  • 1:1 Pre-workshop session to understand you and your goals
  • Strength assessment
  • Dream job & life stage analysis
  • Pre-workshop exercise
  • 2-Day workshop - inspiring, fun, safe, practical & actionable
  • Small group
  • Personalised coaching throughout workshop
  • Post-Workshop coaching & support - It's a Journey!
  • Be part of an exclusive and inspiring community of like-minded people

I would love you to join this amazing journey and be part of an inspiring community. Let's have a chat so I can understand you better and explore ways to help you work towards your goals

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