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Four Practices

Find Meaning & Joy

in Work and Life

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Discover Your Inner Genius

Find Clarity in Your Career

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Create Work & Life You Love

2-Day Workshop 

You don’t have to choose between happiness and success.

Happiness is a result of practising habits that enable you to work and live in the most optimal way.

Most of us have only ever learned to achieve in unhealthy and sub-optimal ways, overtime, we lose clarity, meaning, and joy.

Have a fulfilling career and life is not about throwing away what you’ve achieved – it’s about achieving success in a healthy and optimal way – this is the real success.

Four Science-Based Practices that will transform how you work & live


Care Less

Regaining control, identity and autonomy


  • Let go of the pride armour
  • Break away from expectations that no longer serve you
  • Redesign your life priorities

  • Be courageous to speak the truth and be your true self

  • Eliminate non-essentials to make room for what truly matters


More Strength

Build self-belief, self-acceptance and conviction


  • Make the most of your gifts
  • Build self-belief and confidence like you never had before.
  • Understand why you don’t feel enough despite the fact you are highly capable
  • Leverage your strengths to transform your career and life
  • Be in tune with your unique strengths and Inner Genius

Do Less

Achieving wellbeing, daily restoration and optimal performance


  • Master the art of “Do Less and Achieve More”

  • Reshape your routines to achieve superior productivity

  • Adopt the habits of peak performance

  • Restore your energy and optimal state daily

  • Be mindful of where you invest your energy and time


More Passion

Rediscover your sense of fun, joy and creativity


  • Leverage joy as a greater way to achieving results

  • Embrace passion projects to transform your work and life

  • Create joy on a daily basis

  • Combine passion with living

  • Contribute to the world around you and create meaningful experiences

Yu Dan’s teaching is inspiring and practical at the same time. Her natural ability in getting to the heart of matter will help you amplify the strengths you already have and break down the barriers that have held you back.

You will have the confidence and tools to be the best version of yourself and live an inspired life.

About Yu Dan

About Yu Dan


Executive Coach & Mentor


Master of Coaching Psychology


Doctoral Program Recipient


Strength Psychology Expert


Fortune 100 Senior Executive


Entrepreneur & Mum

You will experience Joy, Clarity, and Confidence like never before

Tailored Approach

I tailor the coaching program to meet individual needs.



Tax Deductible

Workshop fee is tax deductible

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I am confident in my ability and therefore offer 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with my program.

“Best program I have ever attended in my career”

– Adam, Marketing Leader

What do others say about working with Yu Dan?

“Are you still wondering whether your career really makes you happy or make the most of what you have to offer? I was, that is until I spent time with Yu Dan.” – Murray, Industry Strategy Director

“Discover Your Inner Genius has provided me with greater career clarity and edge. Highly recommended for executive leaders, professionals and entrepreneurs.” – Alison, Executive Recruiter

“It has given the direction, purpose and renewed energy I needed for my business and myself. I am now in the flow with absolute clarity.” – Charlie, Entrepreneur & Thought Leader

“Discover your Inner Genius is the best program I have experienced in my career. The discovery is enlightening and actionable. You leave the program motivated with a powerful method to leverage in work, life and almost any situation. The roadmap has provided me with a plan to take forward. If you want to discover your Inner Genius, purpose and start to work towards the career and life you truly want – certainly take the program!” – Adam, Strategy Director

“Having worked for over 30 years I’ve spent my fair share of time in training courses. With the title of “Discover your Inner Genius” I was attending with high expectations and I can safely say that those expectations were met and exceeded. It’s best training I attended in a decade. Yu Dan’s mastery of bringing out direction and clarity from the attendees was superb.” – Robert, Sales Leader

“Life changing! I have never been happier.”

– Roslyn, Entrepreneur & Communications Director