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Inspiring Results people get by working with Yu Dan

Sema Musson – Organisation Transformation Leader, IAG Insurance

When I met Yu Dan I was unclear on my career, unsettled in my role and feeling like I was on a daily treadmill. I was tired and unsure of the changes I needed to make. I feel privileged to have met Yu Dan. She has been an inspiration to work with. Yu Dan has helped me be aware of my strengths, rethink work and life, and bring joy to what I do. I am now clearer on my career and how this fits with who I am. I have been able to redesign the life I want to live and now feel lighter and happier. Thank you Yu Dan.

Charlie Pidcock – Sales Coach & Thought Leader

My career and life were like a jigsaw puzzle, I had all the pieces, but just don’t know how to put them together. Yu Dan helped me put the puzzle together. It has given the direction, clarity, purpose and renewed energy I needed for my business and myself. I am back in the flow with absolute clarity.

Put some time aside for yourself – you’ll get it back in spades. It’s one of the best things I have done in my life.

Kacie Serls – Head of Customer Service, Reprise

Yu Dan’s training is the best personal development program I have ever attended! I entered the program feeling disengaged and disenchanted with my job, and it was impacting the rest of my life in a negative way. I left the program feeling energised. The program has inspired me to do things in my daily life differently and explore opportunities that I never thought were possible. I loved Yu Dan’s ability to help me dig deep. For anyone needing a new lease on life this program is for you.

Ben Mooney – Director of Sales & Partner Alliances, Publicis Sapient

I knew Yu Dan was the best person to work with me on this journey. Coaching is a tough gig but comes so naturally for her making you feel comfortable while also pushing you to be your best. Each session moves me closer to my goals and it is great to know Yu Dan is there to help guide the way. It has been life changing!

Wen Li – Technologist, Delivery Lead for Macquaire Bank

I approached Yu Dan when I was thinking to quit the investment bank industry because I was burned out, unhappy, and feeling lost. Since I started working with Yu Dan, I have completely changed within a short period of time. Yu Dan has unlocked my hidden strengths. I am happier, healthier, and feeling secure and confident about my life and career today. I still can’t believe how much I have changed after I met Yu Dan. It has been a truly amazing journey.

Commencing from April 1, 2019, this business is now operating under the name of Yu Dan Shi. Discover Your Inner Genius will now be a program name instead.