Mentoring Program - Corporate to 6 Figure Coach

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What will you learn?

I will share with you the strategy I used to build my $250K Coaching Practice within 10 months without a single paid ad, SEO and many other marketing fad.

  • Unpack your own Inner Genius™
  • Create your "Coach" sweet spot
  • Position to attract your ideal clients consistently
  • Become the Go-To person in your Niche

I call this Inner Genius™ approach. This unique approach puts you into your "Coach" sweet spot, so you absolutely stand out from the crowd. Your ideal clients will come to you consistently and will always choose you over others.

We live in an abundant world, we each have our own "Inner Genius", "Sweet Spot", and "Ideal Clients".

Who is this for?

  • Experienced coaches who want to build successful coaching practice with consistent clients
  • Professionals & executives who consider to leave corporate and set up successful coaching or mentoring practice
  • Professional & executives who consider to run a side business
  • New coaches who want to set up the practice and get paid clients before completing formal coaching training

Why learning how to build a successful coaching practice is important?

We become coaches or mentors so we can do what we love, transform lives of others and make a greater impact.

Except, not many coaches have been trained on how to build a coaching business, let alone a 6-Figure or multiple 6-Figure business.

Not knowing how to build a coaching business means:

  • you are putting your lifelong dream on hold
  • you are not feeling valued and recognised for your gifts and what you are worth
  • you might have to stay in that boring job for a couple more years or longer
  • you might have to go back to that job even after you become a qualified coach
  • you are not doing your best work even you are now an Expert Coach as you are stressed about how to sustain yourself

All of these can be prevented. Everything can be learned and mastered.

Learning to be a great coach is simply not enough. People don't buy you because you are a coach, they buy you because you are "their" unique coach, understanding this will make the world of difference.

Coach is truly one of the most rewarding professions in the world. 

Learning how to run a successful coaching business is the path to do what you love, with people you like, and have the financial freedom you have always wanted. 

About Yu Dan

Yu Dan is a well respected career coach and business mentor. She has been practicing as an Executive Coach for 10 years and obtained her qualifications from Institute of Executive Coaching and Master of Coaching Psychology, University of Sydney. 

Prior to coaching, Yu Dan was a Chief Marketing Officer and Senior Strategy Director for several Fortune 100 companies.

Combining her experience in coaching and expertise as a marketer, strategist and strength psychology expert, she now guides other expert coaches to grow their coaching practice and aspiring coaches to set up successful practice by using her 3-Step Inner Genius™ Methodology, so they can create a business and life they love. 

    I am confident in my ability and therefore offer 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with my workshop

    I am confident in my ability and therefore offer 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with my workshop

    Date & Venue

    Date & Time: Monday Feb 12, 2018, 1 - 4pm

    Venue: Sydney - Hotel Urban, St Leonards (walking distance from train, bus or easy onsite parking)

    Early Bird: $79 by Jan 8, 2018

    Standard Rate: $149 by Feb 10, 2018

    Setting: Private Workshop - Group of 15

    Book Early. Limited Places Left.

    What do others say about working with Yu Dan?

    Lydi Chris - ex-Corporate, now Productivity Coach

    Yu Dan has fast-tracked my progress to get results in an amazingly short period of time. 

    Yu Dan’s strategy, approach and vision for each client is so unique. I 100% trust in her capabilities, genuineness and desire to grow her client to the best possible way.

    Rachel Primrose - ex-Corporate, now Leadership Coach & Consultant

    Yu Dan helped me realign with my strengths and have the relentless determination to take the next steps to achieve my personal and business goals. 

    Now through our partnership, I feel stronger, re-focused, happier, and I feel like am thriving again achieving greater results than I could have ever imagined. 

    Charlie Pidcock - Sales Coach

    Yu Dan and her coaching have given the direction, clarity, purpose and renewed energy I needed for my business and myself. I am back in the flow with absolute clarity.

    Put some time aside for yourself – you’ll get it back in spades. It's one of the best things I have done in my life.

    Gareth Robinson - ex-Corporate Executive, now Founder of Pin Consult

    If you are looking for clarity on how to clearly define your Niche and how best to market yourself, I would thoroughly recommend you to work with Yu Dan.