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People from these companies and many others have joined the journey joyfully

"Best program I have ever attended in my career - Kacie"

Yu Dan Shi. Executive Coach. Fortune 100 Exec. Strength Psychology Expert. Mother.

Yu Dan Shi. Executive Coach. Fortune 100 Exec. Strength Psychology Expert. Mother.

"I can't overstate how powerful it is - Dr. Brendan Coutts"

Welcome! I am Yu Dan, I am known for helping overwhelmed high achievers find clarity in their career & life and succeed joyfully.

In 2008, I was a successful Fortune 100 executive. However, I felt tired, lost and wanted to quit. After using the approach, not only I found my direction, became a more purposeful leader and a better mum, but also discovered my Inner Genius which took me to a whole new level of joy, success, and career fulfilment.  

My greatest joy today is helping others find the clarity and succeed joyfully. Read my journey

"I know Yu Dan is the best person to guide me on this journey. Yu Dan makes you feel comfortable while pushing you to be your best - Ben, Director of Sales & Alliances"

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Do you feel stuck despite working hard in your career?

Seem to have everything in life but somehow lack purpose?

Do you want a career that is meaningful, makes the most of your potential, and financially rewarding?

Do you know what your unique gift, talents, and strengths are?

Do you know how you truly perform when you are at your best?

Do you know what is holding you back from reaching your goal? 

Want to change but not know where to start?

Discover Your Inner Genius Program

Discover what you UNIQUELY do best and how to make the most it, so you can

  • Be happy, confident, purposeful
  • Perform at your absolute best
  • Be clear with your career direction
  • Greater results in your current role
  • Acquire the job you truly want

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Inspiring, Fun, Practical, Actionable, Proven

Life changing! - Anneka, Head of Solution Consulting, Adobe

Best personal development program I've ever attended! Yu Dan has truly helped me dig deep - Kacie, Head of Sydney & Brisbane, Reprise

Amazingly great! I can't overstate how powerful it is. I found my career and life path - Brendan, Head Analyst, Ricoh

Are you still wondering whether your career really makes you happy or make the most of what you have to offer? I was, that is until I attended Yu Dan's workshop - Murray, Industry Strategy Director

I have never been happier. The technique around overcoming fear is the most powerful I have ever experienced - Mark, Client Services Manager, Ecosave

Discover your Inner Genius is the best program I have had in my career - Adam, Strategy Director, Accordant


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