Yu Dan Shi. Executive Coach. Fortune 100 Exec. Strength Psychology Expert. Mother.

Yu Dan Shi. Executive Coach. Fortune 100 Exec. Strength Psychology Expert. Mother.

"I have never been happier - Mark | Life changing - Anneka"

Welcome to Discover Your Inner Genius

A powerful approach that will transform your career & life so you can have the clarity, success and fulfilment you truly want

10-Year Research, personal journey, and my work with hundreds of professionals, executives and entrepreneurs

"I know Yu Dan is the best person to guide me on this journey. Yu Dan makes you feel comfortable while pushing you to be your best - Ben"

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Is there a nagging voice inside you wanting a more fulfilling career & life?

Are you at a crossroads with your career but ready to find your direction?

Do you know what your real talents, strengths and gifts are?

Have a dream career in your mind but not sure how to get there?

Do you know how you truly perform when you are at your best?

Do you want to reach your goals faster & more effortlessly?

Do you know what is holding you back from reaching your goal?

Discover Your Inner Genius Program

Research shows: "What sets most successful and fulfilled people apart is their self-awareness and their ability to make the most out of their authentic strengths, their genius"

Inspiring, Fun, Actionable, Proven

Life changing! - Anneka

Best personal development program I've ever attended! - Kacie

Amazingly great! I can't overstate how powerful it is. I found my career and life path - Brendan

Are you still wondering whether your career really makes you happy or make the most of what you have to offer? I was, that is until I attended Yu Dan's workshop - Murray

"Discover your Inner Genius is the best program I have experienced in my career - Adam"

"Yu Dan is the most genuine person I have ever met - Rachel"

Yu Dan Shi. Coach. Ex-Corporate Executive. Mother.

Meet Yu Dan

My journey began in 2008 when I went through a period of my life where I lost my passion and motivation for my career that ended up impacting my health, which almost cost my life. I turned my life around and today my purpose & joy is helping others create their most brilliant and meaningful career and life. 

  • Fortune 100 Senior Executive
  • Master of Coaching Psychology
  • Doctoral Program Recipient
  • Strength Psychology Expert
  • Executive Coach
  • Most importantly, it is my passion, care, natural ability to help others achieve the best outcome that counts

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