Free Checklist - Corporate to 6 Figure Coach

On average, it takes 3-5 years for a coach to build a 6-Figure Coaching Practice.

As someone who has built a multiple 6-Figure Coaching Practice, I have put this checklist together to share with you my learning and save your time.

This is suitable for people who are considering the transition or have already started the journey.


An easier way to achieving success, happiness and meaning

Many people are very talented yet feeling unfulfilled. The truth is there is an easy way to turn this around.

But first, we need to understand why we spend our lifetime in studying, working, and doing the best we can, yet we still end up feeling unsatisfied. Sounds like a bad deal, right? Read More

A simple way to feel happy, engaged and energised at work - Starting Today

80% of people at corporations don’t feel fully engaged at work. There has been a lot of emphasis on what companies should be doing to change that.

However, I think every one of us can take part in this change, and we can start making the change within us today. Read More

Change our words, change our life

I love words. I love the way I can weave them together to share the stories and ideas that bring me joy. 

Words build bridges and create connections. Sadly, they can also put immovable and impenetrable barriers between people.

The most damaging words, I believe, are the harmful words we tell ourselves, based on our fears.

I’m talking about the things we tell ourselves which crush our confidence. Say, when we have a big dream, but the fear of not reaching it steps in, so we convince ourselves the situation we have settled for is the best thing for us. Read More


How Strength Approach changed my career and life

In 2008, I hit the rock bottom. I was working as a Chief Marketing officer for a global company but I just couldn’t go on anymore. I was so unhappy that I started to become very sick.

I wanted to give it all up.

The guilt I felt was beyond what words could describe. The sacrifices my family and I had made over the years. The kids I had to raise, the mortgage I had to pay.

I had spent my lifetime to get here, and yet I was so unhappy. It felt completely illogical. I was just going to quit? Walk out of this path completely? Read More

Can we truly do what we love and make a great living out of it?

This is a question many of us have asked ourselves from time to time.

This is a question I asked myself for years as well until I found my answer 7 years ago.

Because ultimately, who wouldn't want to do what we love and get paid for our worth, so we can keep doing what we love?

Practical Tips to give you instant happiness and energy boost at work

Feeling drained, tired, and bored is the no. 1 happiness and energy killer at work. I would like to share some quick tips which you can use straightaway.

First have a feel how you spend your time according to following two categories.

  • Draining Category - tasks that drain you

  • Energising Category – tasks that energise you

What’s your percentage for each category right now? Read More