Art and Science of Creating Meaningful Change

As one of my valuable clients, this program will form part of your 2019 learning. It will complement the 1:1 work we do

What will you achieve

Breakthrough is a science-based coaching program designed to help you get extraordinary results in your life. You will learn to upgrade your thinking, raise your performance, and live a life with more meaning and joy.

Why you

You have aspirations to live life to the fullest – filled with meaning, purpose and joy. However, the demands of life and work constantly eat up your energy, time and willpower.

Living on auto pilot leads to feeling run down and stagnant. Not what you ever wanted your life to look like. You know you are capable of far more, ready for new growth, passion and momentum.

To feel truly remarkable, will require a completely different approach.

To create the life you truly want

You must master the art of change and art of living.

The Process: From Standard to Breakthrough

To achieve results, it requires you to step out of your existing mindset and behaviour, and hone five fundamental elements:

Mindset: your ability to stay focused and achieve what truly matters

Clarity: a deep understanding of your unique strengths, value and gifts

Confidence: strengthen your self-belief muscle to create breakthroughs

Performance: strategies to help you perform at your optimal best

Productivity: achieve goals through mastering time and energy

How we work together

Breakthrough is designed for real-life experience and spans six months.

You will get regular training and support. You will set personally meaningful goals and we will keep you accountable.

Complementary Learning in addition to 1:1 Coaching

Regular video training material, exercises

BREAKTHROUGH will teach you

© Yu Dan Shi

© Yu Dan Shi

Optimal Performance

How you perform every day determines the outcome of the future. Master habits of peak performance.

  • Create a safe zone despite daily demands

  • Master the art of Do Less Achieve More

  • Get into your optimal state and deep concentration space quickly so you can make huge progress in a short period of time

Consistent Action

Action creates momentum. Success comes from consistent practice.

  • Turn big aspirations into achievable daily goals so you can start now instead of feeling paralysed with overwhelm

  • Develop strategies to move from procrastination to action

  • Shift from reacting and managing to proactively create results

Growth Mindset

Breakthrough requires a growth mindset. Master the art of change.

  • Overcome your mental barriers and lift the perception of yourself so you can achieve beyond what’s possible

  • Turn uncertainty and fear into learning and transformation

  • Identify hidden patterns that hold you back and replace them with success habits

Raising the standard of our life starts with raising our standard today

Many of us want a better life and yet, are unable to make the change. It has little to do with skill or experience. Success require us to breakthrough our self-limiting beliefs and habits first.

You must believe that you are capable of raising the standard of your performance in everyday life, despite the external environment and existing restrictions.

Meaningful change always starts with you

As one of my valuable clients, this program will form part of your 2019 learning. It will complement the 1:1 work we do.